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Adult Education delivered to your computer or device, in these 8-week classes on Catholic topics.

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Certifications specifically for those that desire to work or volunteer in parish catechetical programs.

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What could you do with a deeper understanding of your faith?

You could fully understand the sacrifice that Christ made for us, and live in gratitude for that sacrifice. Celebrate the faith. Educate yourself.
We’re Here to Prepare You for Service to the Church

Here's How it Works

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    Discern Your Intention

    We all want to grow in our faith - but to what extent are we CALLED to grow? Our time on this earth is limited, but our impact can be eternal. Could your reach higher?

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    Take the Next Step: Enroll

    Whether you've decided to dip your toe into (Deeper) Waters, or pursue a Master's Degree, once you've decided, sign up for an event or class through the specific Program page on our site.

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    Begin the Next Chapter

    Your decision to begin is a decision to take the first step on the journey. You are being called to evangelize the Good News of Christ. We're here for you every step of the way.

What They Say

This new endeavor has been positive for both Instructors and Students alike. When we teach, we grow even more. It is a positive feedback cycle.
Anna Maria Morales

Student, Deeper Waters

Having small children makes you feel like there is no time in the day, so the classes delivered to my cell phone allow me to learn while I'm waiting in line to pick up my son at school, or right before I go to sleep laying in bed.
James Sutton


I love that I can take these classes with me anywhere I go, and watch them as many times as I want. I'm not necessarily trying to become more ``righteous``, but I just want to be able to put words to the beautiful rituals of my faith. My faith formation is never done. My love of learning is real.
Ryan Beggy, M.A.

Instructor, The Creed

When we explore scripture, when we learn God on God's terms, that's the reaction that comes from it. That's the reaction that's boiled up - stewed inside of us. That's the Holy Spirit taking over. That's God telling you what's going on.
Father Casey Jones

Instructor, The Sacraments

It is by the Sacraments that Jesus Christ pours life into His church. Through them we experience the grace that has been won for us on the cross 2000 years ago. And the Sacraments make the mystery of that cross alive and real in our lives today, and relate us to the covenantal love of God the father.

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