Adult Faith Formation Video Conferencing

Every Wednesday morning, from October through early-April (holiday period excepted), the Institute offers a series of Adult Faith Formation presentations. These presentations are aired live at the various parishes who have video-conferencing systems. 

Adult Faith Formation sessions are held on Wednesday mornings, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., during the spring, fall and winter seasons. They are designed to enrich and strengthen our faith and are presented by priests of the Diocese of Venice and laity who are degreed in the fields of theology. A variety of topics are covered on Scripture, Liturgy, Spirituality, Church history, as well as many other topics of interest to parishioners.

Participants are able to attend these free video-conferenced sessions at one of nine locations throughout the Diocese of Venice. These locations are listed on the Adult Faith Formation schedule. All parishes are encouraged to share access to these recorded presentations online with their parishioners.

If you would like to see more of these Adult Faith Formation sessions, please consider supporting the Institute for Catholic Studies and Formation by contacting (941) 766-7334.

The Institute also offers video-conferenced sessions on behavioral learning sessions for new parents, parents of young children and parents of teenagers, workshops on divorce and annulment, as well as a host of other subjects.

 Professional Development

Advanced Degree

The Institute provides the opportunity for those with Bachelor’s Degrees to receive an advanced degree from an accredited, recognized Catholic university.

Diploma Program

The Institute offers a program which follows the same course of study that graduate students take without the master’s requirements for thesis and comprehensive exams.

Certificate Program

The Institute provides professional development programs for Certificates in Catechesis, Youth Outreach and Evangelization to those laity who desire to work in parish catechetical programs

Diaconate Formation

The Institute serves as a vehicle for Diaconate formation, providing the means to offer courses by way of video-conferencing throughout the Diocese of Venice.

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