2016 - 2017 Academic Courses

Fall 2016

THEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS- ICSF 602 (FUS- THE 602OL): In the masters level Theological Foundations course, theology will be approached as a service to the Christian people, enabling them to fully understand their faith in each successive age. Thus, emphasis will be placed on how the insights of theology can assist in individual and communal spiritual growth and in the renewal of the Church. Some philosophical background to theological study will be presented. ICSF 602 flyer.

Spring 2017

THE WORD OF GOD: SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION- ICSF 510 (FUS- THE 510): This course studies God’s Word as it has been expressed and handed on in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition with a special focus on the central teachings of the Catholic faith (such as creation, the fall and redemption, the Trinity and Incarnation, the Church and the Holy Spirit). Emphasis is placed on reading principal biblical texts, understood in light of writings of the Church Doctors and Fathers, major theologians, Magisterial documents and texts in the Franciscan tradition. ICSF 510 flyer.

Summer 2017

Course information to be posted soon!

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