2018 Diocesan Courses

Deeper Waters 102 Bible & Salvation History

Join use for an amazing opportunity to go deeper into God's Word through a study of the grand narrative of the bible through salvation history!

REGISTER NOW for this 8-week online class to emerge with a familiarity of the Catholic Church's teaching on canonical and salvation history perspetives on the unity of Scripture seen through the unifying lens of the covenenant relationship between God and His people, which finds its fulfillmnet in the CHurch.

In this study, you will come to learn about:

1. God’s self-revelation of Himself to His People.

2. The covenantal theology of the Old Testaments and how they are fulfilled in Christ.

3. Typological interpretation of Scripture; seeing Christ in the Old Testament stories.

4.The significance of worship in the Bible and its continued role in salvation history.

5. The importance of the Holy Spirit and sacraments, especially the Eucharist, in God’s plan to dwell with us.

See the Deeper Waters 102 course flyer for more details or register here.



2018 - 2019 Academic Courses

Summer 2018

THE 519 Catechetics: This course provides a survey of the history, methods, content and contemporary practice of Catholic religious education. The approach of this course is inspired by God’s own pedagogy of revelation and the response of faith. Its purpose is to familiarizing future catechists with the mind of the Church concerning catechesis. See the course flyer for more details.

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